Tuition and Fees

Bundled Tuition is here! All fees are included in tuition.

Parent N Play                             $49/month
Dance N Play                              $64/month
PreDance                                    $73/month
1 hour class/week                      $85/month
2 hours class/week                    $123/month
3 hours class/week                    $158/month
4 hours class/week                    $188/month
All Access Pass*                         $254/month

*All Access Pass includes 1 hour each of Tap, Ballet, Jazz, Hip Hop, Technique, Modern or Contemporary, and Acting or Musical Theatre.

Each Additional Class
$30/month performing
$20/month nonperforming

Ballet Tuition (does not include costumes)
Ballet 2                                                    $163/month
Ballet 2 with pointe                              $178/month
Ballet 3 or 4 (3 days/week)                 $205/month
Ballet 3 or 4 (4 days/week)                 $230/month
Ballet 3 or 4 (5 days/week)                 $280/month
Ballet 3 or 4 (6 days/week)                 $310/month

Add Additional classes
$30/month performing
$20/month non performing.
Add All Access pass to Ballet tuition      $188/month

*Additional fee will apply to students joining after September 25.


Pay for the Full Semester  5%
Pay for the Full Year 10%
Siblings 15%

$15 per class. Pay when you come.
$125 for a class card. Class card is good for any 10 classes you choose.
Sibling discount does not apply to Adult Tuition.



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